Soul Diving Retreats
Retreats in Sierra Nevada near Granada - Spain

Trance Personal Coaching Will Assist You  
Sliding Into Different Dimensions

All is in motion. Everything has its own vibration, its own frequency,
to judge, to discuss, to disagree, etc., keeps us “running against the wind”.

To flow with creation, to agree with whatever the universe offers, you need to get tuned to a different frequency.

Are You Looking For A Deeper Understanding And Meaning Of Who You Are …
Want To Know The Purpose Or Mission Of Your Life …
Want To Improve Your Relationship With Others …
Have A Deeper Connection To Spirituality …
Want To Navigate Significant Life Events …
Create Harmony And Balance For Yourself And Others …
Want To Deepen Connection To Who You Are …
And Much Much More …

You have to know yourself and to agree with yourself, to be able to accept and to enjoy all of the offerings the universe has at hand for you.

The whole universe is here to serve you, but you have to know what you really like, what calls your attention, what excites you.

To try to stop the inner dialogue , to have a moment of rest from our never ceasing thoughts, to get tuned to a part of yourself you normally have no access to, there are many ways: austerities, deep silence, devotional work, contemplation, worship, art or to expose yourself to oceans, deserts or high mountains.

We do this by trance personal coaching. Your mind comes to rest and you step over from yourself to YOURSELF . New feelings, new sensations, new perspectives will arise from that contact and little by little you will perceive life in a different way.

The world will not change, but you will see and live it in a different way.

Soul Diving :

This is not an Ayahuasca nor DMT retreat, though it produces a similar effect.

As Ayahuasca contains dimethyltryptamine (DMT), which allows us to have visions, DMT is also found in the human brain, and is released in certain situations of our life, such as an accident, dying and in the state of trance.
Since our bodies know how to open the doors to the subconscious, we just need to find the way to access our DMT factory.
In Soul Diving we open the doors of the subconscious without the need to take the Ayahuasca. In a state of deep trance you can embark on a shamanic journey to other worlds with precision and vision, always in a guided way, cleansing and purifying our being without the need of diets, purges or dizziness during the process. If for some reason the trance participant feels uncomfortable, the session may be guided to another event or it may be simply ended.  
We offer individual sessions for one or two people.This will allow them a closer and personal contact with our coach.

What We Offer To Help You To Relax

Massage  with Maryna Pererva ( Balinese massage, Thai aroma massage, Quiro massage, foot reflexology, facial relaxing, Japanese lifting, hot volcanic stones, Tok Sen, Healing with Tibetan bowls)

Hiking 2 hours with Axel Risse

Trance therapy with Thomas Gottwald